13,000 Starfruits Bucket (L)

$30.00 / On Sale

Blue denim bucket hat crafted and upcycled from the scraps of a printed skirt featuring a 3d painted patch of two blueberries created by Kiera Havill.


If you're wondering why there's a hole in the top of the bucket, it can be used as a means of head-scratching, and better yet, as a source to hang hair outside of.

100% home-sewn.

Fun fact, Blueberries have been in human diets for more than 13,000 years AND, Indigenous peoples from the North Americas called blueberries starfruits because of the five-pointed star shape at the blossom of the berry. (source https://www.bcblueberry.com/bc-blueberry-council/news/did-you-know-10-surprising-facts-about-blueberries)