Desertplank Set


Desert camo cropped vest sewn from the materials used in the lower half of the Desertplank pants. Fits up to a Large!
Desert camo pants with the lower half flipped from an upcycled scarf. The remaining fabric from the scarf and pants was used to create the Deserplank cropped vest
Inseam 36 in
Waist to ankle 42 in
Waist 31-35 in

Model 1 (@Drannamo) is pictured wearing
-Desertplank Pants + Vest
-Keys Butinup (https://www.threadgoldz.com/product/keys-butinup)

Model 2 (Zodic_Trendz) is pictured wearing
-Desertplank Pants + Vest ^
-Orocruz Amulet (https://www.threadgoldz.com/product/orocruz-amulet)
-Chained Butinup (unreleased)

Taken by @Tranimaging2 at Folklife Festival https://www.flickr.com/photos/camerarch/albums/72177720317564602/