Jad's Pinnacle (XXL)

$315.00 / Sold Out

Crafted from Silver Satin, Reversible, Decorated with various patches containing Screenprinted designs, embroidered designs, scrap fabric, cutouts from t-shirts, JAD laminated bus transfer design, GoldzVerse fabric, and Silver hardware such as buttons and cufflinks.

Sized XXL

Originally this project was intended to be made for two dancers. It was going to be two oversized single layer button-ups for two medium-sized dancers. The project ended up falling through and I was left with a half-done project, so I decided to recover the fumble and spin it the ThreadGoldz way: a maximalism-esque collage of made and found patches. Safe to say the effort put into this project was not wasted. 6 months later it found its finish.