Veintaro Bucket Hat


Veintaro: A pile of Japanese Denim, 212 aluminum Jump rings, a couple strings of teardrop pearls, chains, chainmail, some studs, and a lot of hand cramps and dedication.

25.6 inch circumference

Veintaro = Veinte (the 20+ hours spent on this bucket) + aro (ring in Spanish).

So what went into this project from conception to post?

Sourcing: thrifting a pair of Japanese Denim blue jeans from Value Village (25 mins searching + $20 purchase).
Deconstructing: removing tags, pockets, belt loops, ripping seams (35 mins).
Ironing: (10 mins).
Cutting: using a pattern to cut out components: brim, headband, crown, liner, ears, and horns (30 mins).
Machine embroidery: 1 hour for 6 tags (10 mins).
Constructing: pinning + sewing together horns, ears, stuffing them, quilting/topstitching. Sewing bucket components, + liner (6 hours).
Hardware: 1.25 hour constructing chainmail, 5 (1.5 hour) piercing sessions (8.75 hours).
Shooting: capturing video clips + photos (30 mins).
Editing: 2 hrs of video editing + 5 hours of painstakingly tedious photo editing (7 hours).

~24 hours in total.

Aluminum jump rings, stainless steel chains,and studs used in the making of this project.
Satin lined, as always.